Zaha Transformation Under New Manager From Winger to Striker

Manchester United winger, Wilfried Zaha, finally get his chance to prove his worth in front of the new manager last night. Zaha, who last season being loaned to Southampton, played as striker when Manchester United won the International Champion Cup against Inter Milan.

Reflecting to last season Zaha said that he will prove himself in the new manager. Louis van Gaal want him to play as striker for Manchester United, this position is new for him because he usually play in the wing. However he try to impress new manager even though the new role imposed by the manager made him nervous.

Zaha said his career next season just like starting from beginning. Last season he was not pick by David Moyes to be in the squad, but with van Gaal reputation to give chances to young players, Zaha feel motivated. “I am used to being a winger but if a manager wants me to adapt to a new position, then I will have to – and I don’t mind. To be honest, it’s not as much running as being a winger, so I will take it.”

“I don’t know. If the manager wants me to play there it would help me to discover what I can do there. I don’t think I have ever played there before but I enjoyed it there.

Zaha relished that in Manchester United the battle to be striker in van Gaal new formation will need a hard work. Manchester United is having world quality strikers in Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie, Javier Hernandez, and David Welbeck but Zaha will not waste his opportunity if the manager choose him at front replacing those big names. “I just have to work hard and I have just done what he has asked. He said if I worked hard I would get my chance. It definitely is [a fresh start]. All I can do is work hard and see how the season goes. It’s a clean slate for me.”

Zaha is not the only one who is changing role in Louis van Gaal regime, winger Ashley Young also had to change position from winger to wing back.



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