Tutorial Pay To Click


Tutorial How to play the Pay To Click program

The First step in earning money online ( PTC ) you must open an account with Payment Procesor below.

  1. Paypal
  2. alertpay

Those two are currently the leading payment processor for PTCs websites. Create a free account – send and receipt money online.!
Send money and buy online. Still used by many PTC sites, Paypal is free to create an account and can be used in over 190 countries worldwide. Checkout more quickly when you shop online. Send or request money from friends and family. Pay without revealing your credit card or bank information.

The second : Manage your PTC
Your part of a PTC and your trying to get people to join using your referral link, sounds easy enough but you do realise eventually that there are many other people in the same situation trying to get people to join via their ref links also, so how do you get an edge above the rest? Follow some of these tips and your sure to have some more ref’s in no time.

1. Use (if posibble) the same username and password
After you create an account at above, then you join PTC websites you desire. Remember you will joinning several PTC program, used username and password the same for all PTC websites. It’s will clear about forget and loosing username and password.

2. Use Mozilla firefox or Opera for your browser
For more efective , I suggestion you used Mozilla Firefox or Opera for acess internet. Eventough the latest IE is also support new tab feature that both previous browsers, it still have leaked that will make your personal information disclosed to other person.
With Mozilla Fire Fox.. when you click ” link Paid Ads” it will open a new tab, not new window. It make easy you controlling ads timer. If you used Internet Explorer set it open a new tab.
Open some PTC websites with one window for each PTC. Example : you open 5 PTC website… so there are 5 window Mozilla Fire Fox.

3. Make a form for manage your PTC websites listing.
Day 1
4. Promote your Refferal URL at forum, classyfied ads, PTC website and social networking

Below are My Referral of PTC Programs feel free to join it:

  1. bux.to
  2. occupex
  3. neobux
  4. ppclix
  5. cash-harvest
  6. klikrupiah

From my experience joining Pay To Click programs you really need to have referral. I don’t know if this is only happening to me but some PTC program were limited the standard adds for the visitor.


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