The Thing You Have To Note When Creating An Event

Many people think that preparing the event is a difficult thing to do.

So many things to be prepared and the many parties involved sometimes become a “specter” for anyone who wants to prepare for the first time.

But, you only need to determine the purpose of the event.

Once you find the destination of the event, try to discuss with some of the closest people who will be the target of the event or at least discuss with people who are used to holding events whether your event is worthy or not.

Then, complete your event by using PouchNation event sotware.

The first thing to do in designing an event is to do some research.

What target visitors you expect to come to your event, whether the theme of the event that you are interested in attracting many people, whether the guest star you invite can attract many visitors, and so forth.

Then, mature themes and concepts will not be able to run smoothly without the support of a solid and dedicated team.

Prepare a team with qualified members, and make sure each person understands his or her own tasks and workflows.

Once you find your The best team, then communicate and coordinate what you will plan for them so they also know what crazy ideas you are trying to make so they should help you.

So communicate and coordinate well with your team, because an event failure can also happen just because of communication.

Use event software PouchNation with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and latest technology for the management of major events in Indonesia.

Ilya Kravtsov, founder and CEO of PouchNation, in a press conference, Jakarta, recently said NFC is a technology supporting security and visitor management in every major event to be held, such as music concerts, exhibitions, and so forth.

How Pouchnation wristband help event organizer?

CTO David Rapaport explained PouchNation will solve every risks event organizers had like security, theft, fraud, event flow, easy transaction for guests.

PouchNation is a provider of NFC systems for major events.

They handle big events in seven Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia.


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