Soccer Practice Drills From Manchester United Players

Soccer practice drills in Manchester United Soccer Schools were not dull at all, first team players sometime coach them how they should be playing on the pitch. Check these videos for example.

Cristiano Ronaldo shows MU Schools student his fancy footwork.
The Skipper, Roy Keane, teach the students to defend the ball
Ryan Giggs also do this (video is broken)

Not every child could enter Manchester United Soccer Schools, but soccer can be played everywhere. Children can practice their soccer drills to develop their soccer abilities, but if parents are not helping them their talent and dream of becoming professional soccer player will be shattered. Parents should be their children first coach if you do not have any idea how you train the kids, find it soccer.net. This is a website own by former American soccer player and a high school soccer coach.

Find out how you could help your children practicing soccer drills individually.


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