Pre critical Response; A Summary

Pre critical Response is an essential in the fullest appreciation of literature. This is not inferior response to literature, nevertheless the response employs primarily the sense and emotions is an indispensable one if pleasure or delight is the aim of art.

Pre-critical response is aiming to drive the critical response from advanced readers.

pre critical response
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Pre critical response is the one taken by a forementioned “common reader”- literate, sensitive, interested in literature but lacking the technical skills of academic criticism. These kind of readers are enjoying the work of art because they are responding to the ingredients of literature.

The different of common readers pre critical response to advanced readers’ is the depth of enjoying and knowing the art itself. Common readers take enjoy and knowing of a literary art in different space, on the contrary the advance reader take the pleasure and knowing, of the same literary art, in the same time.

Below are the ingredients that make the art of literature is more tasty and have different kinds of its readers:
I. Setting
II. Plot
III. Characters
IV. Structure
V. Style
VI. Atmosphere
VII. Theme

I. Setting; advanced readers’ pre critical response to a film is parallel to the common readers’ response to literature.

II. Plot; advanced readers’ uncomplicated view of an individual film equals the readers pre critical response to the conflict (plot) involving protagonist and antagonist.

III. Characters; common readers assess the role of actors. It bear some analogy to the common readers’ commonsense character analysis of literary figures.

IV. Structure; The advanced readers’ awareness of major complications and developments of a film plot is akin to the readers’ or viewers’ unconscious sense of plot structure, the relatedness of actions, the gradual build up suspense from situation full of potential to a climax and a resolution.

V. Style; the acting technique in a film may be realistic or it may be stylized. It has its own counterpart in the verbal style of a literary work.

VI. Atmosphere; it is defined as the mood or feeling that permeates an environment as in poem atmosphere can be felt in the diction and tone of the speaker.

VII. Theme; the rich and underlying idea of the action.

What is the pre critical response?

Pre critical response is the response of a readers or viewers to the work of art. Like it said before it do not destroy the pleasure of enjoying the literary works furthermore it is the fullest appreciation of literature.

The aim of pre critical response is not to read anything but to find everything that profitably can in the literary works.

These are the excerpts of The Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature fourth edition. I only have this book though I have heard there is the latest edition of this book.

Lately I checked out amazon.com for this book and it is confirmed that the book I have now is already outdated


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