Newbie Better Don’t Do These

I am not going to say that I better than you are. I am a newbie after all especially to write article about Internet Marketing . My knowledge about internet marketing is not based by my experience. I always love to read different topics everyday, and I tried to write down what I get from what I had read. This article for example, this article is from Haryo Prabowo owner of UangPanas.com. It is his product that had made him quit his previous job (whatever it was). Despite the controversial arround Indonesia Blogger about this book, there are some benefits that we can get from his article.

Currently I subscribe newsletter from his site and today I’d like to give some of his ideas to you a newbie of internet business.

In his article about what newbies should avoid, Haryo Prabowo stated that newbies should not do these:

  1. trying to be yourself
  2. do not have the desire to search for new tricks
  3. do not buy guiding products
  4. buying a lot of guide books
  5. wishing a fast fortune
  6. doing spam
  7. advertise in doubtful ppc program
  8. quit your current job

Mostly I agree with his article that newbies should avoid those eight. However, I do agree about buying things like he said in number 3 and 4. There are a lot of guide books that you can find and have with google. Even some of it is being shared by the master of internet marketers abroad.

Yaro Starak for example, when visiting his Landing Page for the first time he gives you a free guide book based on his experience to be a full time internet marketing blogger. If you had read his book and having a huge interest in it you could join his online course.

His reputation of being a master in internet marketing is recognized to international blogsphere. His online program testimonial even write by other known blogger such as problogger.net (i forget what this awsome fellow’s name).

so to conclude what I have read and hopefully to be our experience also there are six activities that a newbie should avoid (especially those who do not have enough capital to begin with). They are:

  1. trying to be yourself
  2. Well if you are a newbie it is better to copied other people system that had showing a result. However, we are human being and we have the ability to make a better system based on what we had copied. Modified the system when you feel the moment is coming.

  3. do not have the desire to search for new tricks
  4. Hey, success is not come instantly.

  5. wishing a fast fortune
  6. This is why I said previously Haryo’s product is controversial amongst Indonesia Blogger. The landing page of his product gives a wild imagination of newbies that wanted to earn much money from Internet. The book didn’t even tried to make something seem real like getting rich instantly need a lot of effort. Worst for this kind of business (see by yourself in his landing page)they had labeled as scammer or liars.

  7. doing spam
  8. Spam as mentioned in this articles is sending unwanted messages to people who do not wish to received them.

  9. advertise in doubtful ppc program
  10. quit your current job
  11. For some people they considered when they quit their job and focusing to their interest in internet marketing than their fortune would change eventually. Please don’t try this for you that your business is not giving a result yet


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