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Do you want to make a profitable membership site and make your fortune from it? Let us learn from a big forum such as kaskus and internet marketer, Yaro Starak., a free membership site from Indonesia

Started as project to fulfilled final task in some United States college (formerly began to florish and become one of the most popular website in Indonesia.

If you want to make a membership site that is popular like kaskus but also profitable, you should join Yaro’s new training program right now.

Who is Yaro Starak?

Yaro Starak is an Australian blogger who had been in internet business for years. He began his business when he is 19 years old. His first online business was a card trading site then he move on to other site by launching a proof reading website.

Yaro shares his story of being an internet enterprenuer in enterprenuer-journey.

In 2009 Yaro make an offer to his blog subscribers to train them to make a living from internet.

The training is about launching a membership site. This business model is different than forum/blog that is the member of the website is urged to pay some money in order to get exclusive content to help their business.

What is special from Yaro’s Membership Site Training?

Yaro’s speciality is taking a complex subjects and make them very easy to understand. This is what I like since I am not from English speaking country.

The tools used by Yaro Starak can be find easily and some of them are open source (this is good for a new enterprenuer).

Beside the tools used by Yaro to create his membership site, he also offered to share his various experience to his exclusive member.

Tools to create Membership Site

Your valuable skill does not enough to gain profit from your membership site. There are tools you need in order to maintain your service to your valuable members.

The tools used by Yaro to make his membership site profitable are these:

Butterfly Marketing
logitech quickcam pro
mac book pro
screen flow
final cut
infusionsoft (affiliate management system)
Some of those tools mentioned by Yaro are free however other are not.

So in order to set up your own membership site you have to be smart to use your money. Investing some in order to get great service from paid tools can be a great resources to your membership biz fundemental.

Click here to join the training


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