Manchester United Shirt No 11: Don’t Retire

Ryan Giggs has answered the speculation about number 11 of Manchester United. Giggs honored the club attention to honor him with retiring number 11 to his name but he said that Man United should not do it. United fans in the club facebook page strongly suggest the club to retire the number 11 just like other club does to its great player. AC Milan retire its number 3 shirt to honor Paolo Maldini until his offspring join the team. FYI Maldini had served AC Milan in two generation Cesare Maldini was the first (Paolo Maldini’s Father) and then Paolo.
Giggs story in Man United is outstanding. He played for the club for almost 20 years of his football life. However the shirt he wore when he plays is also momento from other Man United legend of his era, George Best. Man United had to wait for a decade to find someone who fits to wear the number 11 and after Giggs stop being a player I guess all fans need to wait for his replacement. Maybe one year later Adnan Januzaj could replace Giggs in the heart of The Reds Army.
Beside number 7 I would suggest number 11 should be retire at least for a season. A player who get these numbers will get the fans tension because player with the gifted skills and abilities are the one who wear it. I guess all manchester united fans agrees that number 7 and 11 are the symbol of the club. Eric Cantona, David Beckham, and Cristiano Ronaldo are manchester united players who wear the number 7. George Best and Ryan Giggs are left wingers who become legends to the club. If someone who wears number 11 this season I would vote for Januzaj, however the pressure of replacing legendary player of the club could make his development that we saw last season stuck or even broke his career. 


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