Louis van Gaal, Shaw Is Not Fit

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal asked defender Luke Shaw to train alone. According to Dutchman was assessment the 19-year-old  left backt is not too fit. 
Shaw joined United from rival clubs in the Premier League, Southampton, through a deal reportedly worth 30 million pounds (50.93 million dollars), the highest amount for a young player after the World Cup campaign. 
Luke Shaw
luke shaw
Luke Shaw begins his individual training on Monday apart from his colleagues during an open session  against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. “I have always been a coach who saw every individual and what is required of the players,” said Van Gaal told reporters when asked why Shaw practicing alone. “Luke does not fit fit enough in the result he could not perform as I expected. He has to be fit and therefore he trains alone” 
“I do not what [is the cause]. I see what I saw. I have spoken to him and we made program together and he agreed.” Van Gaal could not assure how long does it take for Shaw to achieve a satisfactory level. 
“How long? That we should see, but I do not know either,” he added.

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