Louis van Gaal; His Philosophies and Man United Ambition

Louis van Gaal in the recent press conference, after join Manchester United, always talk about his soccer coaching philosophies. What is exactly the ex-Netherlands coach soccer philosophies? Here are few of his philosophy I gathers from some articles:
Louis van Gaal, Manchester United Manager

  1. Players have to do the exact roles in his position. “You have to play as a team not an individual” said the ex-Netherland manager when FIFA TV interviewed him. That is why LvG is looking for the vision then the team and then making his choice based on the team need. The new Manchester United manager like to see his player qualities for certain type of position.
  2. Every players has their own profiles for every position. The profiles will eventually used by him to improves the players’ game
  3. Play attractive attacking football. Forget the defensive-reactive football of the late David Moyes, LvG will always attack. He likes his team to play possession football. The fans will hopefully watch the Total Football of Netherlands employ to the club this season.
  4. Van Gaal always use 4-3-3 formation. It need one defensive midfield, two creative midfielders, one target man, two attacking wingers. LvG use this formation since he began his coaching career at Ajax and continued using it when he coach Barcelona, and Bayern Munich. The important position in this formation is attacking winger and in Manchester United history the club always had the best wingers to employ. If van Gaal had Arjen Robben in Netherland or Frank Ribbery in Bayern or Louis Figo in Barcelona, he could have Adnan Januzaj in Manchester United.
  5. Young players from academy is better than star player. The young one eager to learn than the stars

Sources: Bleach Report, Mirror.co.uk, Fifa.com


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