Lesson from European For Better Season

Your mouth is your tiger that is the saying in my region. It is means that you have to be careful with what you said and that what happened to Mario Balotelli in the Final of Euro 2012, Italy vs Spain. The loudmouth arrogant striker have to see the trophy goes to Spain.

Seeing the record of both team Italy believe that they can defeat Spain. In all competion in Europe Italy never loses to Spain. It made Italy players confident to win the trophy, Gianluigi, Gigi, Buffon said to the press that his team had the mental aspect to be the champion, evenmore the striker (also Manchester City player) agreeing his il capitano opinion and state furthermore to the media that he wants to score 4 goals to Iker Cassilas goal.

Welcome to Theatre of Dreams Meneer Louis van Gaal

In the end we saw on television the big arrogant striker, Ballotelli, cried and acting like a schoolboy of five because Italy lost and Gianlugi Buffon cannot prevent David Silva, Jordi Alba, Fernando Torres, and Juan Mata scores. Take note that three of the scorer are playing in English Premier League, which is make signal to the world that English Premier League still the best among other leagues in Europe.

Despite having the best league in Europe and the world, England national team cannot achieve the Final.

Having confident is a good thing to have, however we also should give our best effort to make the dream.

These are reasons for van Gaal to play Rooney in the Derby

Tiqui taca or unstop passing is what Spain called for their style of attacking. The play need players to move and search for open space where they play short simple passes combined with sharp through balls to the striker. Manutd is capable of doing this, back then when class of 92 still intact. Scholes, Giggs, Beckham, and Solksjaer/Nistelrooy are the ingredient of the superb attacking pattern.

Now the 92 class are getting older, and the new recruit start their campaign to replace the legend and make themselves the new legends. Fans of the Red Devil around the world will be waiting to see David Wellbeck, Tom Eckersley, and Jhon Evans can step up to their Seniors and make the new Era of Fergie’s Babes.

Take a look in the DHL TOUR Squad released yesterday:
Lindegaard, Amos, Johnstone, Ferdinand, Veseli, Vermijl, Wootton, Blackett; Valencia, Anderson, Carrick, Scholes, Powell, Kagawa, Bebe,
Tunnicliffe, Lingard, Brady, Petrucci; Berbatov, Chicharito, Macheda.

Twelve youngster brought to the Tour in Shanghai, and Durban to gain more experience and proving themselves in the Man United First Team squad, while the new signings are going to blend with the old blood. Next season will be OURS!!


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