Career Opportunities of English Literature Major That People Rarely Know

Career opportunities of an English Literature students in Indonesia


Job opportunities are a lot for English literature alumni. 

Just read below…

Choosing for major as the next step to continue education in college is quite troublesome for Indonesia high school students.

Future employment opportunities become one factor that to decide what university they will enroll.

If one student said he/she will continue his/her study in English Literature, most people – older one, that is- will rise their eyebrow and said You want to be a teacher in an educational institution?

You might get that after finishing the study in English Literature one must be a teacher.

Well that’s wrong.

Job opportunities of an English Literature alumni is huge in Indonesia. I am pretty sure those old geezer who underestimate English Literature alumni will be shut their mouth.

I quote from the site Maranatha university English literature employment opportunities it consists of:

  1. Field of Journalism (journalist, editor, columnist, etc.),
  2. Publishing, Education (Teacher, Lecturer, Professor Les)
  3. Public Relations, Secretary, Advertising, Translators and 4. Interpreters, Tourism (Tour Guide, Travel Bureau),
  4. Entertainer (Actor, singer, MC),
  5. Author,
  6. Business Export / Import
  7. entrepreneur

Those lists of fields in working that I have mentioned above to be reaffirmed by the Sanata Dharma University.

Graduates of study programs in English Literature can pursue a career in industrial enterprises that demand the ability to speak English, to handle

  1. secretary (correspondence, reporting in English, translations),
  2. public relations (PR),
  3. Staff training;
  4. in education, which is taught both as a lecturer, teacher, and English instructor and researcher;
  5. in mass media company, which is handling the editing (editing), publishing and journalism, and
  6. in non-governmental organizations, namely the handling of training, reporting program.

I myself graduated from the state university English literature field, and now I am working as an employee in an insurance company in South Jakarta.

for you alumnis of English literature do not affraid for not having a job.

Just don’t give up.


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