International Champion Cup: Manchester United 3 Liverpool 1, Manchester United Wins The Tournament

Stadium of Sun Life become the witness of the rise of Manchester United in the new management of Louis van Gaal. In the final Man United defeated the arch rival Liverpool and it pleased me more because Louis van Gaal squad secure their hands on the trophy after Liverpool get the first goal. Even though the tournament is pre-season, winning the International Champion Cup make positive impact to squad before entering the real test in the first week of English Premier League matches.

Louis van Gaal is also happy with the result of pre-season tour despite his constant complaints about United facilities and schedule. I am assuming that he had the blue print of Manchester United squad next season and he already mended the broken team left by the previous manager David Moyes.

Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata, and Jesse Lingard gpals lead Manchester United to win the friendly tournament International Champions Cup 2014 after beating Liverpool 3-1.

In the match held at Sun Life Stadium on Tuesday (08/05/2014) Manchester United acted as the host and wore their famous red jersey, while Liverpool as the visitors wore their away yellow jersey.

Manchester United and Liverpool Match

The first half ​​the game between Man United and Liverpool was relatively balanced, each team try to read other game play and weaknesses. In the 3rd minute of Liverpool get the first effort to score through Gerrard’s corner on the left side of the Man United defense but defender was able to be clear the danger.

Two minutes later Man United turn get opportunities from Ashley Young’s cross that barely able maximized Hernandez in front of goal. Unfortunately, he gets interference from Liverpool, Skrtel.
In the 9th minute MU substitution of their new players coming on for Luke Shaw Valencia.

Liverpool get a penalty in the twelve minutes, after a foul on Sterling by Phil Jones inside the box.

Gerrard take the penalty and defeated De Gea.

Until the end of the first half the score remained 0-1 to Liverpool.

Man United is able to equalizes in the 56th minute was born of beautiful game play from Chicharito and Rooney. Javier Hernandez gave assist to Rooney and the striker smack first time to the far post of Mignolet.

Two minutes later, Man United lead 2-1 from Mata. Receiving a pass from Luke Shaw, Juan Mata left foot shoot had hit Sakho’s feet and make the ball turn directions, Simon Mignolet could not do much.

Interesting events presented in the 65th minute from the right side of the Feed Young has surpassed the goal line and ended up in the netting above, but the ball bounced off and went back into the field. Mignolet who realized the ball was out letting the situation despite Rooney then kicked the ball into the net.

Interestingly, the referee had time to validate these goals and make Rooney celebrates. However, consideration was given an assistant referee to make the goal was eventually disallowed.

United’s third goal really happened in the 88th minute substitute named Jesse Lingard successfully ended the game with the score 3-1 after his hard shot was dammed by Mignolet.


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