International Champion Cup: A.S.Roma 2 vs Manchester United 3

Before I write about Manchester United result in USA tour against A.S.Roma please watch this video first.

If you see the video there are some important parts that you, a manchester united f.c fans, optimistic for the next season. One Wayne Rooney show his important role in the game. He scored a beautiful goal outside of the penalty box. This is what the England striker ability that made Sir Alex Ferguson sign him from Everton F.C. The second one is his passing from the middle of the pitch to lead Juan Mata goal. Of course the goal was not only Rooney pin point passing but also Mata’s run who break A.S. Roma defense. The third one is man United goalkeeper in this match, Ben Amos error that lead Pjanic goal. I mean by Amos error is his positioning. Pjanic would have not score if he stay in his line. Fourth, Manchester United defense error. Michael Keane gave A.S. Roma penalty because he accidentally touch the ball in Man United penalty box. Francesco Totti was not wasting the opportunity to score.

manchester united, white jersey
team congratulate goal-manutd.com

See what I mean when I said LA Galaxy was not the suitable opponent to test the new Manchester United. The qualities between the two team was like heaven and earth. Major League Soccer, USA soccer league, is not the same as English Premier League in  quality so the huge margin should be accounted for. The International Champion Cup is the real test of the new Manchester United squad and manager. Louis van Gaal admitted that this friendlies against European club will be his real test for the squad.

The team played well in Louis van Gaal modification formation 3-5-2 but only in the first half. Van Gaal want his player to play possession football but the scheme only last for the first half. In the second half, which van Gaal make changes almost the entire team, Manchester United cannot play as the first team had showed in the first half. Passing errors and easily lose the ball make A.S. Roma dictated the flow of the game.

Manchester United Manager, Louis van Gaal
unhappy van Gaal-manutd.com

Weather, climate, and the timing of friendlies also become Louis van Gaal target for his unhappiness of how the team perform. The weather is bad for European players and this make van Gaal asking for two minute time out to the official in order to keep the players in good shape. Dehydration will easily come to the player and if he do not make the time out, maybe when the English Premier League begin the squad drop to significant numbers because of sickness.
Manchester United F.C captain in this match is Tom Cleverley in the previous match against L.A. Galaxy Manchester United captain was Darren Fletcher. From my point of view van Gaal will likely use Manchester United home grown player to become lead Manchester United in the next season. However the speculation about Manchester United captain also become sensitive because rumor said the captain of the Reds either Wayne Rooney or Robin van Persie.
I hope mister van Gaal could made up his minds soon, as the competition will begin.


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