how to choose your online business partner

Are you one of thousands netters who are interested in the Business Online? If you do, Be Cautious to choose your Online Business. Do not hurryly joined to one site that promised Richness without any effort. Do not you just fall into the trap sweet words that they offer. Careful analyze the Online Business you want to follow, including whether or not it is a fraud
that Look online business. Be careful with online business based MLM or Money Games. For a stock info, this is the article about the HALAL of business and MLM Money Games by Dr Al- Setiawan Budi Utomo – Member of the Board of the National Sharia (Dsn) and the MUI Fatwa Commission.

All business, including using the MLM system in the literature on the Islamic sharia, basically categorized in mu’amalat discussion in the chapter Al-Jabal ‘(Sell-Buy). The legal origin of the legal aspects of selling-purchasing in the principle is based on fiqih as suggested by Ibnul Qayyim Al-Jauziyah, “Basically, all the religious law forbidden unless there is a proposition that orderred , while the origin of law and mu’amalah transaction is lawful unless there is a proposition that melarangnya.” (See I’lamul Muwaqi’in 1 / 344). It certainly made for the business to meet the elements of sharia that is free from unlawful elements are;
Usury (Interest-Based Financial Transactions); LOL. said: “He shalallahu ‘alahi wasallam said:” Aba has seventy-three-door is the most minor sins such as adultery with someone who’s own mother “(HR. Ahmad 15/69/230, see Shahihul Jami 3375)
Gharar (Contract is not complete and obviously); From Kareena pleased. said: “He shalallahu ‘alahi wasallam prohibit the sale and purchase gharar.” (Agnostic HR.)
Fraud (Tadlis / Ghisy); From Kareena pleased. said: “He shalallahu ‘alahi wasallam pass someone who sells food, he entered the food on hand, he was misguided. But he said: “It including among our people who deceive.” (HR. Muslim 1/99/102, Abu Dawud 3435, Ibn Majah 2224)
Gambling (or Maysir High speculative transactions that are not associated with the Real Productivity); Allah Ta’ala: “O people believe, indeed, drinks khamr, dice, sacrifice for the gods, on the fates, the act is syaithan it distracts.” (QS . Al-Maidah: 90)
Kedhaliman and exploitative (Dzulm). Word of God: “O those who believe, do not eat each other neighbor’s property by way of falsehood …” (QS. An-Nisaa: 29)
Goods / Services that are sold are or contain the sacred. From Ibn ‘Abbas ra. said: “He shalallahu ‘alahi wasallam said:” Verily, Allah forbid, when over a nation to eat something, then he would forbid price. ” (HR. Abu Dawud and Baihaqi with new sanad)
(Lihat Majmu’ Fatawa Syaikhul Islam Ibnu Taimiyah, Zadul Ma’ad Imam Ibnul Qayyim 5/746, Al-Burnu, Al-Wajiz fi Idhah Qawa’id Al-Fiqh, hal. 191, 197, Asy-Syaukani, Irsyadul Fuhul, hal. 286, As-Suyuthi, Al-Asybah wan Nadzair, hal.60).
Allah SWT. berfirman: “Allah menghalalkan jual beli dan mengharamkan riba” (QS.Al-Baaqarah:275), “Tolong menolonglah atas kebaikan dan taqwa dan jangan tolong menolong atas dosa dan permusuhan.” (QS.Al-Maidah:2) Sabda Rasulullah saw: “Perdagangan itu atas dasar sama-sama ridha.” (HR.al-Baihaqi dan Ibnu Majah), “Umat Islam terikat dengan persyaratan yang mereka buka.” (HR.Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Hakim).
The issue of business MLM asked about the legal status of lawful and unlawful status-syubhatnya can not be beaten flat. Can not be determined by the incoming company is not in the membership APLI (Direct Seller Association of Indonesia), including a unilateral claim by the MLM company Sharia because there must be evidence and guarantor of sharia, or sharia, or kehalalannya certificate that can diperftanggungjawabkan such as the MUI, but depending on the extent to which in practice management systems, marketing, and operational activities of goods / services that are sold after a through study and research according to sharia. According to the notes APLI, there are currently more than 200 companies are using an MLM system, and each has characteristics, specifications, patterns, systems and models which are a basic individual MLM companies that were considered lawful or unlawful.
Since its entry into Indonesia in around an 80-year, the network business Direct Sales (Direct Selling) MLM, continue to bloom and fertile mushroom and would increase again after the storm monetary and economic crisis. Players who dive in the world MLM that momentum and take advantage of the crisis situation offers solutions for the business of foreign and local players. Often called the community including CNI, Amway, Avon, Tupperware, Sun Chlorella, DXN, Propolis Gold, Kamyabi-Net, Persada Network, including the Civil ask Tianshi even wear a mask that MLM business in the money game (multiplication of money), which eventually go bankrupt as Gee Cosmos. It shows that the MLM business are much more of them among the population, given the huge reach 200 million. Imagine if the average monthly spending at least Rp 10 per thousand inhabitants, the transaction will occur and the amount of money turnaround Rp.2 trillion a month.
MLM Business in this study fiqih contemporary can be reviewed from two aspects; products or services that are sold and how the system or sales and marketing (trading / marketing). About the products sold, whether lawful or unlawful content depending on whether there are elements to the composition and the sharia, or not, as well as services that are sold. For example, does the elements contained in pigs, khamr, carrion, blood, pornography and Pornoaction, kemaksiatan, gambling. More easily the most products can be referred to the sertivikasi penny from the LP-Food And Drug Control MUI, and a certificate from the Halal Certification Board of the State of the LP-accredited by the Food And Drug Control MUI such as the Islamic Food and Nutrition of America (IFANCA), although the product is not lawful disertivikasi is not necessarily illegal depending on the content.
The company does business with the MLM system is not only running the sales products but also services products, marketing services, namely the berlevel-level (stratified) with the benefits form of marketing fees, bonuses and so forth depending on the level, the achievement of sales and distributor of membership status. Intermediary services sales this (factor) in Term fiqih called “Samsarah / simsar” is the intermediary trade (people who sell goods or find buyers) or intermediaries between buyers and sellers to facilitate trading. (Sayyid Sabiq, fiqh As-Sunnah, vol. III/159)


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