Good Pensive Create Ideas

People is in a pensive state when they have something in their minds. Usually if a person had problems they cannot resolve immediately they are pensiving…


Pensive is the daily post word I tried to make this day.

Maybe I cannot use this word properly because English is not my first choice of language.

But I still willing to try.

The word pensive make me remember the series of Harry Potter novel.

There are 3 characters in the novel I remember using pensive.
They are Harry Potter, Prof. Snake and Prof. Dumbledore.

All three of them uses pensive as a way ease their mind.

They pull certain memory from their head using their magic wands. The memory take shape of a long white fiber that they save it to a  container or to somebody head.

This pensive is being used by those characters to recall old memories from the past to gain lesson in the present. Based on the memory and lesson gained in the process Harry Potter, Dumbledore and Snape to take required action for tomorrow action..
Pensive in the phenomenal novel of J. K. Rowling described pensive as a tool of magic.

You need a magical wand and magic word to gain the contemplation needed.
However in reality pensive human can easily be used by human without knowing any magical word or tool.

I just found out that day dreaming is one of the common term being used if one is pensive.

People is in a pensive state when they have something in their minds.

Usually if a person had problems they cannot resolve immediately they are pensiving.

Like what I did few minutes ago…

I am pensiving because I have so much to achieve.


Being a new father I want a decent life for my family.

I want my son to gain higher education degree than me and his mother.

I want my son to have a good job later on in his life.

Or maybe he would be like matt, creating awesome tool for people to interact.


I want to make my wife less stress with our monthly income.

We both work.

My wife in government office and I in insurance company.

Both our monthly income still far to cover up our monthly expense.

I know people would have said to grace this condition.

Both of us working while many other in this country struggle to have one.

But as human I want happiness for both of them.

I recall what I did for the past few years.

What I did and what I get for it..

I have big ambition in my life but my current position make me almost frustrated.

Years if working in one company seem do not lead me anywhere.

Thankfully my blogging carreer, if i may said that, something great happening.

I gain few bucks from being publisher of wordads.

Recently I investing my wordads earning to fastcomet.

Moving my blog from WordPress.com to self hosted WordPress at fastcomet was a big challenge.

The new blog with the new ad programs, but not leaving the old one, and new hope that I will earn income as I expected for my family.

That is my pensive, what about yours?


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