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Free Hosting and Domain Sites

However the domain and hosting sites are different. Free domain on and free hosting on
I’m beginning to excite. My own web. That my dream. It will not the same as blog. I could make money from that. Those are my own thought. So here are the steps to own both domain and hosting sites free:
1. log on to
2. click on register
3. fill the forms and click create my account now.

It so easy don’t you think??

The account activation will be sent to your email. After you activated your account you will be redirected to you account. You may check your email later on.

4. choose your own domain then check it availablity. If your domain name is available continue with setup.

5. choose how you manage your own domain. offered three type of managing domain. The first one is manage DNS, when you host your file in your will given a server name that is required for dns server that asked by The second one is Zone Record. It required your host, ttl, type, and value. What are these?? well, i never had a chance to try this kind of domain management. So I suggest you guys find it… and let me know ^__^
The third one is URL fowarding. I would recomend this type of service if you just want to change your domain name for your blog. IT is very simple. Fill your blog name in url fowarding then it will redirect it to your weblog.
As for me I choose dns managing, cause I want to learn of how to make a website using my own domain and hosting. The goal is to MAKE BUSINESS in my neighbourhood.
After you have own your own domain then go to Sign up there, and just like another step it just fill forms and your hosting site is ready. The different is when you have complited the registration and you clicked the I agree and Create My Account, the server will sent you a program that generated your account validation code. Since you have entered your activation code you can directly create your account.

6. when you create an account for hosting in 000webhost there are two ways of doing it. the first one is connected to what I have explained earlier that is hosting with your own domain. In this case you will put your own free domain name from

The second one well lets say it almost the same as blog. You will create an account as a subdomain of 000webhost, altought it not really bad actually.

7. Wait for at least two days so that those websites connected each other


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