Frans Hoek, Manchester United Goalkeeper Coach

Frans Hoek goalkeeper coach
Frans Hoek while in Bayern Munich
Frank Hoek is following Louis van Gaal to move in as goalkeeper coach at Man United. He replaced the previous goalkeeper coach Chris Wood and Eric Steele both who long served the club under Sir Alex Ferguson.
Louis van Gaal and Frank Hoek had long story of working together.

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Frank Hoek’s philosophy of a modern goalkeeper position can be seen from Man United previous goalie Edwin van der Sar. Mister Hoek had trained Edwin van der Sar since his early career at Ajax Amsterdam.
Yet another goalie coach by Frans Hoek were Victor Valdes, Victor Baia, and Pepe Reina . Those goalies are applied mister Hoek phylosophy of modern goalie that are distributing and starting the attack from behind.
Manchester United U18 rival also give credit to Frank Hoek by saying his journey and also his methodology as a coach is interesting.
Mr. Hoek reputation of coaching goalie is well recognize in Europe and you could find news and articles about goal keeper on his website at

A Brief Biograph of Frans Hoek

Frans Hoek was born in 17th October 1956 in Hoorn, Netherland. He played for Dutch club, Volendam since 1973 until 1985.

Frans Hoek Method

“I made a profile out of the information I got out of the games, a profile of the ideal goalkeeper for that club, and when you have that profile – that’s the base, that’s the vision, that’s the philosphy – you have to find a way ..”
That is the quote from Fans Hoek book, Hoek Method and you can get that from the link I gave.

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