Ferdinand de Saussure:The Course in General Linguistic


Why I choose to post about General Linguistics? It simple. Literature is based on linguistics. The Words that we read in novel, poem, the act of actors/actreses in the drama play or movie they all connected with language.

Ferdinand de Saussure is regarded as the father of modern linguistics. Linguistics is a scientific study of language. Saussure’s theory of language and how it should be studied played an important role in the development of structuralism. It is a method in human science and affected the course of literary study. In his theory of language Saussure argued that studying language should be based on synchronic system, which means a system that all elements and rules are, theoretically, available to the user of the language.
Furthermore he distinct langage (language; the universal human phenomenon of language), langue (a language; the particular language system i.e. English), and parole (speech; language in use). Language is made up of words and Saussure analysis of the words results that verbal words has two sides, an acoustic image or sound pattern and a concept. The acoustic image or sound pattern called by him as significant (translated by Harris as signal) and the other (the concepts) is called as signifie or harris called it significance). Lately these terms is known as signifier and signified. The connection between signifier and signified is arbitrary, that is a convention accepted by all users of a given language, not as the result of some existential link between word and thing.


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