Earn from PTC: Bux.to

Right now I’m joining a PTC program. The program that I choose is bux.to as this sites is quite familiar with my fellow Indonesian bloggers. As a matter of fact some of them had already have their payment of the program. As far as I know this program is very easy to choose. Your requirement to enter this program is having an active email.

You do not have to have a blog or sites. But maybe I encouraged you to have one, either it is a blog or a site. It is simple when you are doing this alone, I mean without anyone to help you will have to struggle to gain your extra income. But when you have other people to help you than your work will become easier to fulfill.

But why don’t you try to find information by yourself before you join this PTC program. I encouraged you to do so. Because I do not want to said as a cheater. It hearts and it is bad for business. If you already convinced please join by my referral id. Because it is very hard to overcome the goal alone.


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