Dailypost Photo Challenge, Face

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Dailypost photo challenge, Face is a theme given by wordpress.com blog to give its reader something to do.

When the theme is chosen to FACE, I recalled Batman’s rival named Two Face.

Is it me or did anyone get this guy on his/her head when dailypost challenge you to show a photo on your post with the theme FACE?

For those who do not remember this Batman’s rival I will give you one picture:

img source: forbiddenplanet

The picture above the new character of Two Face played by Aaron Eckhart.

Before becoming two face, the bad guy used to be a good guy named Harvey Dent.

If Batman known by people of Gotham as The Dark Knight then Harvey Dent is known as The White Knight.

Harvey Dent is an attorney for Gotham City before he become a villain.

I do not recall how Harvey Dent get his scar and become Two Face in Dark Knight movie, I just take this wikipedia version that Harvey Dent become Two Face after a mob spread acid in his face.

This character is so unique not just about his physical appearance but also his personality.

You never see two face acting as one person, you will mostly seeing two face acting as two person battling for what shoud a person do.

What is the term for two face mental condition ?

Because of his mental condition, Two Face cannot come to a decision as normal people would. He always toss a coin before he finalize his decision and that also show one character that battle in a single person body had one.

So what is the relation with the dailypost challenge and Two Face?

When I read this post on dailypost Two Face just pop out on my head. That is the face that you do not want to see in the world.

Okay in the movie, maybe …

What is the point of sharing Face to the world anyway?

I do not know what will be gain to this challenge as the post said, SHARE A PHOTO OF A FACE!

I am joining this challenge by showing photo of three faces; me, my wife, and my first son.

This time challenge is inspired by an artist who happen to love drawing faces.

You can see the blog of the artist here.

The artist herself being quoted in dailypost saying that she loves to see the imperfect line of people and this is her most fun thing to do.

After seeing the artist work I get the feeling why the artist loves to draw the imperfect of human face. You MUST read the interview.

At first I feel a little bit

“what the heck? people already share their faces out there?”

you know facebook, instagram, twitter and other apps. You just see people’s faces there.

This challenge is being responded by 215 blogs so far, I do not know if the number will continue to grow or when wordpress.com shutdown the pings from every blogs.

this is my second english posting (original) you might want to read the other?


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