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Tempted by the title? I have read this message over and over and I really tempted by it. How couldn’t I? Internet is making a hundreds billions of users every day. And you only work for two or three hours a day. I do not know about you guys but for me, working 6 hours a day sometimes makes me bored. Even if the job is what you like or what you have dreamed of. We are mere human being after all. If I skipped from work my salary get cut. How troublesome.

However the first question pop up in my mind is how can I start an internet business?
I looked for information on the net. I only use google to search information. And I got tons of it. for example, provides with information how to start this business. To start internet based business, this site tells me, believe that somebody that like to start an internet business have to have a website. You do not have to be an experienced or skilled in web designer. A lot of websites have provided an easy way to build your own web. Well that my amateur opinion. however have a more deeper explanation. One of the statement said “Why Just Build A Site When You Could Build A Business?” provocative’s isn’t? But for me it is better to have a website first than build a business. The reason is I do not have products to sell, except for this ungrammatical writing. (btw if you do not have a product to sell you still can begin business on internet). So from my point of view it is better to build a website first than to build a business. If you ask me the reason, well, it almost just like a question “which is the first chicken or eggs?” it will not make you start an action but make you trapped in satan cycle of debates.

To build a website, you need a host and a domain. Domain is the web address that browser and search engine recognize your website. A host is like a house. This is the place where you put your images, script, etc that will support your website performance.

Well you find an article about website from a newbie so that what I summed up from the reading that I read.

One of hosting and domain provider is this sites is not only support hosting and domain, it also provide you to choose of what web service you want. If you still a newbie like me this site gives tutorial of how things work. You can learn HTML and CSS, tables, forms, and things about FTPs. However I highly recommend w3school because recommend this site. In this website you can learn about HTML, CSS, XML, and other website related stuffs. And its free. if you want a certificate from this school than you have to pay for it quizzes and sertificate.

If you only want a domain name than you perhaps trying This sites serve a domain name only and its free. This site is useful if you have a low budget to start your own website. And you will also need This sites offers a free hosting service. If you have perfect bills you can upgrade to their unlimited services.

Well if you want to sign up or read a bit more about those hosting and domain site just click it.

What is the different between these hosts?
I do not read to those articles yet, but if you happen to find a good article about the best webhosting and domain services let me know. Thanks.

Oh I almost forgot. You also want to try weblogs. They can be your backup plan to begin your own internet based business. There are a lot of blog provider in the net. The most recognize are blogger, wordpress, typepad, etc. I happen to choose blogger and wordpress as my blogs because they are serving free blogs. I love free things you know, how about you?


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