Antonio Valencia The New United’s number 7


When people around the world  wonder who will wear the United number 7 finally the answer is given by the United. Antonia Valencia, a right winger came from Wigan in 30 June 2009 is picked up to be the player who will carry the burden of the magnificent 7 of United.

As I recall since David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo until Valencia, the number seven jersey is wear by a right winger maybe you will exclude Michael Owen from the chart. From the last season match Valencia is performing his best to be United number 7 and I wonder why in my last post I do not include his name in my list for the nominee.
Valencia is a good player, his main strength is his pin point crossing, his ability to run the ball in the right flank while sometime he cut inside to score goals with deadly drive. Several time he had become Man of the Match for United and I give him full support to wear the mystical jersey of the Red Devil. 
I am sure Man Utd Supporter all arround the world will pray from him to make the magnificent winger out of trouble like what he had in September 2010. When he played that season in Champion League against Glasgow Rangers he had ankle injury caused of opponent tackle.


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