15 Things You Need To Know Before Entering University

Where will you enroll after finishing highschool? This question is commonly being asked to highschool sophomore in Indonesia who had finished the last national examination. This is what you need to know before enrolling in one of the universities..

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Where will you enroll after finishing highschool?

This question is commonly being asked to highschool sophomore in Indonesia who had finished the last national examination.

Altough the students already know what university / college they want to enroll, however there are things that these students need to know about university life in the first semester.

This post is tend to answer the questions how is life at college which been posted by a students in yahoo answer id.

15 Things You Need To Know Before Entering University in Indonesia

  1. What is the best University according to you?

    There are a lot of criterias for particular person choosing University to continue his/her study. You may asked your seniors from the same highschool he/she about the best university in your town or in national scale. Based on their answers you can choose the best university to enroll. If you need another perspective to choose which of the universities or colleges to enroll you might want to go to my other post 20 Top Universities in Indonesia by Webometrics. For your further reference you can check Badan Akreditasi Negara site. This is government body that keep universities in Indonesia in competition to provide the best curiculum for Indonesian youngsters. In the list of Badan Akreditasi Negara you will find top universities in Indonesia such as Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Institute Teknologi Bandung, might change ranking for some period.

  2. How many years we finished the study in college?

    You HAVE TO finished your study as fast as you can. The common period for university students to finished their study is in 3.5 years or 4 years maximum. This period of study can be alter however but only in certain condition. There are consequences if you had to finished study more than a standard period. And we will look at those risks later. 

  3. In college we will choose our major. How will the lesson in the major going to be? Is the lesson in particular major will be the same as lesson we received in Science Class or Social Class as in highschool? (In science class we learn a lot about science and so does the social class)

    First of all you have to change the term. In college or Universities you do not use the term lessons, instead you will use courses. What will you study is depending on your chosen major. For example if you enroll in english language and literature program you will have courses about English Language, English Literature, or English Teaching. You will have different courses depending on what major you are taking.
    Let me give you my experience when I was a college students in Universitas Negeri Padang. I took English Literature in faculty of language, literatures and arts of University Negeri Padang. In the major you are given courses to be a profesional on English Literature. Such courses I took are Theory of Modern Literature Criticism, History of English Language, History of English Literature etc. 

  4. How about scoring system in college? Is there any particular examination or the system is the same as in highschool? (Try Out, UTS, UAS) and how many time in a year the examination is held?

    College scoring system is very different from highschool, you will find it more in this link. Your score will determine on how you are doing in those courses you take. Your score ussually being showed after you had Middle Semester Exam and Final Semester Exam. Both of the exam are almost the same with the exam you once had in highschool, however the difference between highschool and college is enormous. In college your examination is determine by your lecturer. He or she might give your a test about the courses you took to know your progress or he/she might just give you an assignment (usually in form of papers). If you fail in the Final Semester Exam you will not get remedy as you had in highschool, but you WILL take the course again in the next semester or other semester (however it depends wheter or not the courses still in curriculum or you must take the particular course replaceplacement). This is one of the risk that I mention when I advice you to finish your study as fast as you can. In conclusion the official examination in college or university is held four times in a year. You will had two Middle Semester Examination and two Final Semester Examnination. 

  5. How about time period at college? Is it the same as highschool periods? (Students are in the class, The teacher enter the class, after the period of a lesson is over teacher left the class) and if the answer is a YES how long does it take of a single course?

    In college students goes to the class not the teacher (or in this term you MUST use lecturer). The philosophy is students go to their teacher to get knowledge. However if the lecturer had different class he might come to the your class as your teacher in highschool did. As the method of learning every lecturer had differences. One just sit in front of the class and asked you what you learn from your text book, other might use what your teacher used to do in highschool. The lecturer give speech of a topic in your particular courses and write clues or key of the topic in whiteboard then leave the room after the period is over. You also will find various type of courses period. The schedule usually arraged by your program, the faculty, and university curriculum department. In a single course of your major you will have system credit semester. For a single system credit semester it will take 45 menits to one hour long and for one course of your major the minimum credit semester usually valued 2 credit semester. A student could take maximum of 24 credit semester which mean the student will take at least 12 courses in a semester. We will discuss it further later on. 

  6. Scoring System in University / College? What is the connection with IP and how to calculate IP?

    IP is one of scoring system that you will find in a University or a college. IP shorted from Indeks Prestasi (grade point average) yaitu total amount of grade points earned by total amount of credit hours attempted in a semester period.  You will find one university is using different scoring system however this is a common score used by university. You will find later on your grade point average report your score for a particular course on your major are 
    As counted as 4,
    Bs counted as 3,
    Cs counted as 2,
    Ds counted as 1, and
    Es counted as 0.
    If your had Ds or Cs on your grade point average report than you MUST beware on how long you will finished your study.

  7. In your knowledge, is there any students’ organization in University/College?

    Almost the same as highschool every college / university also had students’ organization. However each students’ organization is more complicated than organization you had at highschool. Take example of your Students Organization. In this organization you get help from your teacher of how to run the organization and supervised your organization events. In college or university you will also had that particular organizations however the events that you will held is much more complicated than organization in highschool. Take for example the Student Executive Commitee. This is known political movement of college students. No matter what your major is every faculty has it. The events held by Student Executive Commitee are various from political to educational one. When you join this political movement you will learn how to be independent and how to manage yourself and other around you. However if you choose to enter the political movement of this organization keep in mind your main priority is to finish your study. I know several ex Student Executive Commitee who had to finished their university study in six to eight years.  

  8. What are the steps to enroll in a University?

    In Indonesia we had what is called the National Entrance for State University. Usually the universities you are enrolling in this national examination are the Public Universities. It is held after your National Final Examination in highschool. If you are not planning to attend the Public Universities you will also find that the Private Universities in Indonesia also held their own examination to receive new students. For those who want to enroll public university in Indoneisa please beware for your passing grade. This is the percentage of your selected major in your chosen university score. The higher percentage of passing grade you had the higher chances you will accepted in your chosen major.

  9. Do University use Semester system?

    Just like school every Universities in Indonesia scheduling their courses in semester system. Just to recall a semester is a six months period. 

  10. Do Universities had reports?

    Universities give reports of their students every semester. Unlike highschool university report is called grade points. This is a system where students get scored from every courses he/she take in a semester. After six months you study different courses of your major and taking middle and final examination you will receive your grade point average. In my time, my grade points report is written in a piece of paper maybe today the university upgraded the report into an online database.

  11. What will you had at Ospek? What is the difference with MOS at highschool and how long does this Ospek being held? (I heard Ospek program at ITS would last in a year. What activities that they do?)

    Ospek is a welcoming program started from unknown period. Till this day I still search for the program history like when this program is found and why is this program being held. From what I experience both as a participant and an event organizer of such program when you had OSPEK you will have introduction to what is life in college would like. Maybe just like this post you read but in more face to face activity. That is the normal one. The other side of an OSPEK program is bullies. This is the other side of OSPEK program that every single year people are trying to stop. You can call the program is just like MOS you had when you are new to highschool.

  12. I heard a student started his course at university at 7 am then he went home at 11 am then he off to study again at 1 pm. What does it mean? Does courses is not held in one full day? How many courses do it take in a week? Can you have courses in five or six days like in highschool?

    Your courses in a major in University had been schedule since your enrollment. That is why someone must attend class in 7am and can go home at 11 am. If the student get another schedule for 11 pm he/she will come to the class because it has been schedule as it is. It so different than highschool does it? In highschool you will have lesson from 7am till 12am then you take a break then the lesson will continue at 1 pm until 5 pm in the afternoon. Your courses in a week is depending on how many credit semester you take in that period. You can get 12 courses in a week if each of your taken course held for 2 credit semester. If a course get 3 credit semester than you may had 8 courses in a week. You could study in one fullday if those courses you had are scheduled in the particular day. 

  13. What is semester credited system? (I thought semester credited system is the same as lessons i had in highschool)

    Semester Credited System is shorted by SCS that is the value of a course you take that being schedule by your major program in a semester. SKS adalah kependekan dari Sistem Kredit Semester. Jangka waktunya seperti yang saya sebutkan tadi biasanya 1 SKS berlangsung 1 jam.

  14. Is there any limited of how much can we take the semester credited system in a period of time? What does it depends on?

    As far as I know the maximum limited credited semester taken by a student is 24 SKS. For example for english literature program I once had 2 sks for History of English Literature, other course that is Listening had 3 SKS. And by far my Intensive Course class had the biggest of all, 18 sks in a semester. The credited semester system is vary from courses you take or University you enrolled.

  15. Is there somekind of National Examination as to graduate from college? Or from what I heard a student MUST write a paper or thesis? What is the use of a thesis and what topic you will write?

    For several Universities and majors to graduate and had your degree for certain major you need to write a thesis or a paper or a program. You will not had National Examination in order to get your degree. The first step to write a thesis is to find the topic. After you find a topic you would like to research you MUST get approval from your lecturer. You can write any topics based on your major. 


As you can see from what I told above the life between highschool and university is having too many differences. You will have to adapt in this changing in order to get successful studying experience.

In University you will learn to be an independent individual and a wiser adults. You will learn of how you had to make a decision for your life. You have to plan well what courses do I have to take this semester, How long do I have to take to finish my study and so on so forth.

Share your college life with me, write it down in the comment box below. Let’s hear it…


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